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  • Craven County Campus Stormwater Project Approved for Phase 2

    For the past two years, Sound Rivers has been partnering with Craven County Schools and the Epiphany School on an innovative Campus Stormwater Project. This grant funded project seeks to mitigate stormwater runoff from campuses, while providing an outdoor classroom learning experience for students. Engineers from NC State University have

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  • Support the Bill to Assess the Poultry Industry’s Impact in NC!

    The largest and fastest-growing source of nutrient pollution in our waterways is the poultry industry, according to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. But the industry operates with so little regulation that state doesn’t even know where poultry operations are located, much less have good information on the impacts.

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  • Volunteering for Change

    by Christina Marshen On September 19, 2005, I was driving home from work and got hit by a drunk driver.  I start my story there not to induce sympathy or guilt, but because it is a pivotal piece in why I do what I do now.  After this accident, my

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  • Take Action: North Carolina Rolling Back Nutrient Rules To Benefit Polluters

    The Pamlico and Neuse estuaries have a problem. For decades, an excess of nutrient pollution has been dumped into our rivers from sewage treatment plants and polluted stormwater runoff, causing harmful algal blooms, fish kills and poor drinking water quality. Rules in place since the 90’s have sought to reduce

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  • Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Visits Hog Farm

    Last week, your Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Matthew Starr was invited by Tom Butler to visit his industrial animal operation, Butler Farms. Tom and Matthew spoke about Tom’s efforts to implement best practices for the environment at his facility. Butler Farms is still a “CAFO” (concentrated animal feeding operation), and it’s

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