One of the ways Sound Rivers serves our communities and the public is as experts on the ecosystems of the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico watersheds. We pride ourselves on working with statewide media, government officials, teachers, civic organizations and other nonprofit organizations to help educate about the issues facing our waterways.


Nature is our classroom and our teachings combine real-world scenarios and hands-on activism within the local environment. Topics our Riverkeepers often cover during presentations include:

  • River ecosystems
  • Wetland ecosystems
  • Stormwater pollution and response
  • Coastal and estuarine ecosystems
  • Human impacts to water quality

We’re always happy to be a resource for teachers and provide programs tailored to lesson plans. We’ve worked within schools throughout the basin, supporting science and math curricula and inspiring young minds to connect concept to reality through water science.

There’s nothing like experiencing nature to help kids get the basics of water ecosystems and issues. We work closely with teachers to lead curriculum-based programs, events and presentations that build students’ knowledge and understanding. Get in touch today to discuss classroom opportunities!

Almost all educational programs and visits by one of our two Riverkeepers and our stormwater program director are free, but donations are always welcome. As a nonprofit conservation organization, Sound Rivers exists thanks to support from area residents.


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