Sound Rivers Staff

Lauren Rowe

Business Manager

As business manager of Sound Rivers, Lauren Rowe is embarking on a new journey by entering the world of nonprofit work.

Lauren has dedicated the last 15 years of her work life to the healthcare field, specifically mental health, with the last seven of those working as an office administrator. A resident of Washington, Lauren said she was drawn to the position at Sound Rivers because of the opportunity it affords: working in a dynamic, team environment and making a positive, environmental impact, at home in Washington, on the banks of the Pamlico River.

She said she’s looking forward to tackling the challenges her new role will bring (which, if we’re honest, will be many, such as wrangling the rest of the staff to keep up with receipts and time sheets and grant reconciliation and mileage and … ).

“I’ve never worked in a nonprofit, so I thought that would be a new challenge for me and allow me to grow professionally. I’m excited to expound upon my current knowledge base and create a new work experience,” Lauren said.

Lauren can be reached at

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