Sound Rivers Staff

Jay Potter

Development Coordinator

Jay comes to Sound Rivers from a background in social work, but what drew him to Sound Rivers was its mission: helping people and communities by protecting the water we drink, work and play in healthy. Jay will work side-by-side with Sound Rivers Executive Director Heather Deck, brainstorming ways to extend Sound Rivers’ reach and support.

“We may not always think that keeping an organization financially healthy is much more than salesmanship, but, in reality, it is the foundation from which change grows. As I’ve heard … fundraising is love. It’s love for the cause, the people affected, and the community,” Jay said.

Jay is a recent graduate of Fayetteville State University and resides in Fayetteville. He said he is very much looking forward to getting to know and working for the people of Sound Rivers.

“(Your) passion for the health of our local rivers allows the Riverkeepers to do their job, and the organization as a whole to report their findings to the public, no matter what. In a time where people would rather shield their eyes and look the other way, you have instead chosen to look directly into the sun and say, ‘This needs to change.’ … Your dedication to the wellbeing of your fellows genuinely warms my heart,” Jay said.

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