Neuse Trivia Night brings a crowd to Clouds Brewing

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Posted on May 16th, 2024

Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop (left) and Volunteer Coordinator Emily Fritz hosted a game of Neuse River trivia at Clouds Brewing in Raleigh.

River-lovers game for a game of trivia and craft beer were out in force at Clouds Brewing in Raleigh on Saturday night.

Hosted by Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop and Sound Rivers Volunteer Coordinator Emily Fritz, seven teams vied for top prizes (including Sound Rivers’ swag). Team names were The Rivulettes, The Hunters, International Waters, Information Paddlers, Mullet, The Waterdogs and Team Robert.

“It was a very fun way to engage with the public about our work,” Sam said. “Game-ifying our work is a great way to reach people in their down time, and it was a perfect activity for a Saturday night.”

Sound Rivers Board Members Shannon Arata, Miriam Espinoza and Catherine Kastleman, along with Sound Rivers Development Coordinator Jay Potter, were there to witness the fierce competition.

“It was such a blast,” Emily said. “Sam and I had the best time hosting it. It was really cool to engage with people about what they know about our river. Everyone had a great time, and Clouds Brewing was so supportive.”

Sam, Emily and Jay collaborated on the trivia questions, some of which were quite challenging.

“Jay and I took a first stab writing a bunch of tough questions about our work, then Emily came in and added the fun element and make the language more accessible,” Sam said. “A lot of the same content that we share in our general presentations was relayed as trivia.”

Sound Rivers’ members Andrea Bonvecchio and Megan McClaugherty took first place in the first Sound Rivers trivia night. Second place went to team Audrey Caines and Jess Krop, but everyone learned a lot.

And the winners are: Andrea Bonvecchio (right) and Megan McClaugherty (middle).

“People were really engaged. They asked some really good questions about the information we were sharing — they wanted to dig in deeper,” Sam said. “We had some really good conversations about our work, and how they can get involved in protecting the watershed.”

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Second place winners were Audrey Caines and Jess Krop.
Sound Rivers Board President Catherine Kastleman and board member Shannon Arata made up one trivia team.
Sound Rivers board member Miriam Espinoza (right) with her mother and a friend at the Clouds Brewing trivia night.

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