NC Senator: biogas provision “Lipstick on a pig”

Yesterday, Senate Bill 605 – North Carolina Farm Act of 2021 passed the N.C. Senate.

We don’t see this as good news because the Farm Act includes a bad biogas provision that would require a general permit for biogas projects on hog operations.

We’d like to thank Sen. Julie Mayfield for standing up and speaking out in opposition of this bill due to the provision (a big part of which is requiring a general permit) that would harm our communities and environment by entrenching the lagoon-and-sprayfield waste management system and not address existing problems with these facilities.

You can watch Mayfield’s speech on the Senate floor below.

We’ll keep you updated on further movement of this bill. Sound Rivers will continue to oppose it so long as these bad biogas provisions remain. For more information about biogas, have a look at our biogas fact sheet here.