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  • Action Alert: Sustain Governor Cooper’s Veto and Stop Eminent Domain to Oil Companies

    This week, Governor Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 16. Senate Bill 16 was passed by the legislature during the early August “Special Session.”  The bill deletes just four words from an existing North Carolina law, “originating in North Carolina”. Deleting these four words will give oil pipelines eminent domain authority in our state

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  • Tell NC to reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

    We need to act fast! The proposed 600-mile fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is on its way to being built – unless we all work together to stop this unnecessary and economically and environmentally devastating project. This pipeline project proposed by Dominion Resources and Duke Energy would carry gas from

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  • Harmful algal blooms to be more extreme in the future

    A recent peer review study released by a team of researches concludes that harmful algal blooms that pose a risk to human health are projected to increase due to the effects of climate change. The team,  which included Hans Paerl, Ph.D. of the UNC Marine Institute, developed a model that predicts a

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  • Salty Pamlico provides home for sea creatures

    Local reports of jellyfish flooded in after the weekend of July 29th for many locations along the Pamlico River. The reports indicated that both sea nettles and ctenophores (comb jellies) were found in the mainstem of the Pamlico upstream to Washington Park as well as the mouths of many tributaries.

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  • Action Alert: Stop Legislators From Giving Oil Companies Eminent Domain

    Science Dies, Fossil Fuel Interest Rise. Tell members to remove a handout to oil pipeline industry By Matthew Starr, Upper Neuse Riverkeeper The North Carolina legislature is back in Raleigh today for the first of (3) of scheduled “special sessions”. Today, they are likely to bring up their annual “pollute

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