WashingtonTrash Trout gets clean-out and take out

Environmental, Sound Rivers

Posted on September 29th, 2022

Sound Rivers volunteers turned out for a Jack’s Creek Trash Trout clean-out and take out.

As usual, there was plenty of trash to be retrieved out of the Washington Trash Trout, including a large number of plastic bottles (30), Styrofoam cups (22), cigarette butts (607). Of the more unusual items were a syringe and a Taco Bell hat.

After the clean-out, City of Washington utilities employees joined volunteers to detach and remove the Trash Trout due to the arrival tomorrow of what will likely be Tropical Storm Ian. Jack’s Creek drains much of the city and rises rapidly during heavy rains, as are predicted all day Friday. As a matter of precaution, the Trash Trout was removed to avoid potential issues with stormwater and/or flooding. The Trout will be returned to its location after the storm has passed.

Below is this week’s Trash Trout audit:

Plastic Film

Bags (grocery/retail): 5

Bags (other): 2

Food wrappers: 7

Other: 3

Fragments: 60


Hard Plastics

Bottles: 30

Lids & caps: 3

Straws: 6

Cigarette butts: 607

Other: 25 (including 14 cigar filters and a syringe)

Fragments: 51



Cups: 22

Take-out containers: 1

Packing material: 1 (foam board)

Other: 11

Fragments: 172



Drink cans: 16

Bottle caps: 1

Other: 2



Whole bottles: 5

Fragments: 3


Other Material

Paper: 1

Fabric: 1 (Taco Bell hat)

Rubber: 1

Other: 3

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