Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Making Impact on Stormwater

Sound Rivers

Posted on December 11th, 2019

Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Matthew Starr (3rd from left) sits on expert panel in Raleigh, 2019

Your Riverkeepers are respected voices for their rivers. Many call on their expertise and knowledge of the rivers to serve on local and regional committees, advisory boards, and policy stakeholder groups. Your Upper Neuse Riverkeeper, Matthew Starr, has been the chair of the Stormwater Management Advisory Commission for the City of Raleigh for almost 6 years. During that time, Matthew worked to implement new policies regarding stormwater management. He helped to achieve greater investment in green stormwater infrastructure and is currently advocating for a policy to prohibit any further development in floodplains. Other positive outcomes include:

  • Adoption of a Green Stormwater Infrastructure ordinance
  • Increased revenues via a stormwater utility fee for capital improvement and green stormwater projects 
  • Streamlined Raleigh Rainwater Rewards program, a cost-share program for homeowners wanting to install cisterns and build rain gardens
  • Increased incentives for priority watersheds to install green stormwater projects
  • Approved hundreds of stream restoration and green stormwater projects

His expertise in this area has led him to take a new seat on an advisory committee for Johnston County in hopes we can continue to build better stormwater policies and investment at the local level. This is just one of the ways your Riverkeepers are fighting for your waterways, and for you!

To learn more about Matthew’s impact, click here to hear directly from the City of Raleigh’s Stormwater Program Manager, S. Wayne Miles.

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