Swim Guide Sites Highlight: Port Terminal, Trent Woods, Ledge Rock Boat Ramp


Posted on June 11th, 2020

We’re spotlighting our Swim Guide sites this summer, so you can get more info on the places we sample, and maybe find a new place to explore!

Port Terminal, Tar River

Port Terminal is the second Swim Guide testing site on the Tar River in Greenville that we use for the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. This site is deeper than the waters at the Town Common so it is better suited for fishing boats and other motored watercrafts, although paddlers can still use this site as a launch. The location is managed by the Wildlife Resources Commission. Port Terminal has failed 2 out of the 3 weeks so far for this summer’s Swim Guide season, passing for the first time this past week. It seems to be a pretty popular spot; one of our volunteers saw several boaters getting ready to go out when she was sampling Thursday morning! – Amelia

Trent Woods, Trent River

Our site in the Trent Woods area is a personal favorite of Lower Neuse Riverkeeper Katy Hunt. The site itself is collected from the private dock of one of Sound Rivers’ longtime supporters. It is also in the section of the Trent that Katy enjoys swimming and boating in. “My friends have a dock on the other side of the river, so when I’m playing in the water all weekend it’s great to know that it’s actually safe there.” Trent Woods has been a Swim Guide site since 2018 and in that time has only failed twice. So far in 2020 the Trent Woods site on the Trent River has continued to have low levels of bacteria and remains a safe place to enjoy the river. – Cait

Ledge Rock Boat Ramp, Falls Lake

A popular location for fisherman and boaters to launch their crafts, the Ledge Rock Boat Ramp is another beautiful recreational site on Falls Lake. If you take Olive Grove Church Rd in Creedmoor until you reach a parking lot overlooking the blue water, you will find the Ledge Rock Access. With a sandy patch of land next to the busy boat ramps, kayakers can easily slip onto the lake and enjoy the peaceful water and green scenery surrounding the lake. Ledge Rock Boat ramp has passed the water quality standards every week this Swim Guide season and the season prior, making it a historically safe place to enjoy this summer! – Nicole

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