Swim Guide Sites Highlight: Bonner Point, Bridgeton Park, Beaver Dam


Posted on August 6th, 2020

We’re spotlighting our Swim Guide sites this summer, so you can get more info on the places we sample, and maybe find a new place to explore! Visit to learn more, or text “SWIM” to 33222 to get weekly water quality alerts straight to your phone!

Bonner Point, Bath Creek

This week’s Swim Guide site spotlight is Bonner Point. Located on Bath Creek in historic Bath, NC, this site is a great, grassy place to look out at the waterfront. There are even picnic tables to sit at and relax, or even have a meal with friends or family. So far this summer, Bonner Point has failed 3 out of the 10 total E. coli tests. We advise staying updated on this site each week through the Swim Guide website and our Facebook video updates if you are planning on recreating near this site. See more about this location on the main Swim Guide website here.  – Amelia

Bridgeton Park, Lower Neuse River

The Town of Bridgeton Park is equipped with grills, picnic tables, and a playground. You can pass the time away in this grassy area and watch trains go by on the adjacent tracks. The floating dock in this park provides water access for paddling or fishing. Check out this link for more information on this site! – Cait

Beaver Dam, Falls Lake

One of the many boat ramps on Falls Lake, Beaver Dam is a very popular spot for boaters. Oftentimes, volunteers have reported seeing several boats at a time as well as smaller craft like canoes and kayaks. Each week, several fishermen park at the boat ramp, find a quieter spot to cast their rods, and enjoy the peacefulness of Falls Lake. This summer, the Beaver Dam Boat Ramp met the EPA water quality criteria 10 out of the 10 weeks samples were collected at this site. In 2019, this site passed every week as well! Learn more about this site here. – Nicole

Find location and sampling info for these sites and more via a map like the one below, at!

Please note this image does not represent current sampling results.

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