Swim Guide Sites Highlight: Swan Point, Spring Garden Boat Ramp, Anderson Point Canoe Launch


Posted on July 22nd, 2020

We’re spotlighting our Swim Guide sites this summer, so you can get more info on the places we sample, and maybe find a new place to explore! Visit to learn more, or text “SWIM” to 33222 to get weekly water quality alerts straight to your phone!

Swan Point, Broad Creek

Swan Point the Tar-Pamlico basin Swm Guide site that is located on the Pamlico River, upstream of Broad Creek. This site is sampled at a private residence on Sunnyside Road. Swan Point is a popular residential area with great views of the river where the residents and the public can access docks for recreational activities. So far this summer, Swan Point has passed all 8 weeks of Swim Guide testing! See more about Swan Point on the main Swim Guide website here.  – Amelia

Spring Garden Boat Ramp, Lower Neuse River

The Spring Garden Boat Ramp and fishing pier serves as a great location for access to the Neuse River. This Swim Guide site is nestled behind Craven County Middle School and provides ample parking and grab bars on its floating dock for paddlers. To the left of the dock you will find a fishing pier which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Joel Hudson has been a swim guide volunteer for the past two years and collects the E.coli samples for this site. He volunteers because it gives him the opportunity to “have something to do that needs to be done” and take his scooter out for a spin. Spring Garden has passed a majority of its fecal indicator testing for the 2020 Swim Guide year. Check out this link for more information on this site! – Cait

Anderson Point Park Canoe Launch, Upper Neuse River

A bustling center for joggers, bikers, fisherman, and paddlers, Anderson Point Park is a perfect location for recreators to enjoy the river and the greenway trails. The canoe launch can be found at the park by turning left into the first parking lot before crossing the bridge over Highway 64. Paddlers use the short gravel road from the parking lot to reach the access point on the Neuse River. Beginning Memorial Day Weekend of this year, the site has passed the EPA water quality standards 6 out of 9 weeks of testing. Last Swim Guide season, the canoe launch passed 9 out of 13 weeks of water quality testing. Learn more about this site here. – Nicole

Find location and sampling info for these sites and more via a map like the one below, at!

Please note this image does not represent current sampling results.

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