Speak up for the Neuse River and Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve!

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Posted on December 3rd, 2021

Take action: help protect the Neuse!

As the Neuse River winds its way east with twists and turns, geologic formations in the Raleigh area has directed the Neuse into a unique horseshoe shape.  Aptly named, Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve sits within the river’s bend where a Natural Heritage Natural Area supports features rare in the Piedmont:  a remnant oxbow with mature bottomland forest and several tiers of well-developed natural levees and floodplain pools.  The forest surrounds an open meadow that is managed for wildlife.  Across the river, The Neuse River Greenway traverses rocky outcrops with a scenic view of Horseshoe’s bottomland forest.  Now, rezoning threatens this beautiful and important area.

If approved, Rezoning Case Z-40-21, 8031 Louisburg Road may include mixed-use 4-story buildings with up to 375 dwelling units. If approved, the development will negatively impact the Neuse River, the greenway and Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve.  Wake Audubon Society and Capital Group Sierra Club are opposing Rezoning Case Z-40-21 and ask for your support!  A public hearing for the case is scheduled for December 7.

There are three ways citizens concerned about this rezoning case and its impact on the Neuse River can comment:

  1. Sign this petition.
  2. Send THIS action alert to Raleigh City Council (for Raleigh residents only)
  3. By Friday, Dec. 3, sign up here for the public hearing on Tuesday, December 7 at 7 PM. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything. We will speak on your behalf, simply sign up so that the City Council sees how many people Wake Audubon represents in defense of Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve.)

Find additional information at these links and follow Wake Audubon Society on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

For more information: visit the Wake Audubon blog and the Wake Audubon Horseshoe Farm Park page.



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