Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper Speaks for the River at Hearing in Kittrell

Last Thursday, the hearing before the Vance County Board of Adjustment picked back up. The initial hearing on a conditional use permit for a LCID landfill in Kittrell was held back in September – at that time the Vance County Board of Adjustment continued the meeting for 60 days to allow for the neighboring residents to bring their own experts and hire an attorney.

Before the Board, with a land use planning attorney by their side, a handful of neighboring residents spoke about how their way of life in a rural, quiet, residential area would be affected by this landfill. A mussel expert spoke about the need to carefully choose locations for land uses like a landfill, because species are going extinct on our watch. Your Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper addressed threats to water quality from sedimentation, flooding, and a lack of enforcement of rules and regulations.

After nearly three hours, the Board ended the hearing — closing arguments will be held December 10, before the Board makes a final decision on whether or not to issue the conditional use permit. We will keep you updated going forward!

Mother Nature chimes in as officials ponder controversial landfill proposal