Pamlico Paddle: Day 2, Broad Creek to Blounts Creek

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Posted on October 18th, 2021

Jill, Clay and First Mate Miller spent the first night of the Pamlico Paddle at the Hindsley camping platform on Broad Creek. It was a chilly night, with temperatures dropping to the mid-40s. We found out Miller the adventure pup is not so adventurous as to sleep in a hammock.

Day 2, the kayaking trio headed across the Pamlico River and up Blounts Creek to camp at Cotton Patch Landing, the gathering site of the Save Blounts Creek campaign.

Watch their first-morning-on-the-water-trail Facebook Live here, then check out Clay, Jill and Miller’s introduction to and interview with Bob Daw, their dinner host and one of the founders of Save Blounts Creek.

Day 2 Update, AM

Day 2 update, PM

More photos of the evening’s dinner and entertainment, courtesy of Bob and Phyllis Daw, and Butch and Beth Hardin!

First Mate Miller, the Adventure Pup, takes a quick nap before Day 2 adventures crossing the Pamlico.

Clay suits up for the trip from the Hindsley camping platform on Broad Creek to Cotton Patch Landing on Blounts Creek.

First Mate Miller, the Adventure Pup, navigates for Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper Jill Howell.

Sound Rivers’ Environmental Projects Coordinator Clay Barber crosses the Pamlico River on Day 2.

Arrival at Cotton Patch Landing on Blounts Creek.

The Save Blounts Creek campaign started 10 years ago, right here at Cotton Patch Landing.

Jill and Clay unload their kayaks for camping at the picnic shelter at Cotton Patch Landing.

Clay prepares to board their ride to Bob Daw’s place just down the creek from Cotton Patch Landing.

Day 2’s fish fry dinner was held at Bob Daw’s “Man Cave” on Blounts Creek.

Guests of honor, Jill and Clay pose with the tray of fried puppy drum caught in Blounts Creek.

Clay and Jill prepare to tuck in to a homemade meal on the water trail.

Bob Daw shows Jill some of the more memorable things in his “Man Cave” collection (of which there are many!)

Clay takes a turn entertaining the fish-fry crowd on Blounts Creek.

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