Notice of Violation issued for Middlesex construction site

A construction site in Middlesex has been singled out by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources for sediment and erosion control issues.

Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper Jill Howell visited the site the week before the holiday after receiving a report from a community member concerned about sediment run-off. She then contacted DEMLR about what she saw: sediment running offsite into adjacent stream.

DEMLR responded to the Sound Rivers report, saying the agency was aware of the issue and had drafted a Notice of Violation to be sent to the property owner. The Army Corps of Engineers had also been out to the site.

“DEMLR said they would work to the owner to ensure appropriate erosion measures were installed to stabilize the site and prevent any other sediment loss,” Jill said. “If you see sediment leaving a construction site or running into a stream, let us know so we can notify the proper agencies and prevent sediment from polluting our waterways.”