New grant adds to constructed wetland rehab in Havelock

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Posted on December 7th, 2023

The constructed wetland needs a bit of rehab, including thinning out common reed, pictured here.

Constructed wetland rehab is on the calendar for Havelock High School, thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Harold Bate Foundation.

The grant will be used, along with a $27,500 grant from the Bosch Community Fund and $5,000 from the Craven Community Foundation, to enhance an existing wetland system on the school’s campus, according to Sound Rivers Program Director Clay Barber.

“The current wetland drains rooftop runoff exclusively. We want to alter it to accept rooftop runoff and parking lot runoff,” Clay said. “We would probably add a third treatment area next to the two that already exist, since we are going to be adding more water.”

There will also be some clearing out of common reed, which has taken over the wetland.

“These super-thick reeds are great at water quality and great at slowing water down, but they’re also really great at creating mosquito breeding grounds and taking over,” Clay said.

Work at Havelock High School will start in the new year.

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