Investigation: Poole Road

Environmental, Sound Rivers

Posted on June 16th, 2022

Last week, our Swim Guide results turned up off-the-chart E. coli results at the Poole Road site in Knightdale. When Sound Rivers Program Director Clay Barber took samples from the site last Thursday, he said he “experienced a weird smell and saw an unnatural looking discharge from across the river, right in front of a major construction site.”

Clay alerted Raleigh Water & Sewer on Friday; representatives said they would look into it — they also indicated there are sewer lines on the side of the Neuse where he took the sample.

This week, Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop has followed up at the site. While she didn’t encounter the same odor, she did see a large hose on the opposite bank, which is likely part of a “dewatering operation” at the construction site located uphill.

“The hose looks to be discharging a significant amount of water that flows down the steep bank and into the river,” Sam said.

She said she had observed the same continuous flow on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Concerned about sedimentation and erosion, Sam has reached out to both Wake County government and the Town of Knightdale’s stormwater technician, inquiring about the permit for the development being constructed. She has also requested the town conduct a site visit to determine what is flowing into the river and confirm the developer is in compliance with any existing discharge permits.

We will update with more information as the investigation continues.





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