Hurricane Irma

Education, Environmental, Sound Rivers

Posted on September 7th, 2017

Our team at Sound Rivers is ready and prepared to provide you with important information about river levels and potential contamination / spill concerns if Hurricane Irma impacts North Carolina. Fortunately, even after the rain event on September 6th, river levels are at or below normal.

Information will be posted on facebook and twitter at the following links:

Just as we did for Hurricane Matthew last October, your Riverkeepers are prepared to mobilize on the ground, on the water, and in the air when safe to do so to assess the damage and provide reports to regulators, the public, and news outlets.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew,  your Riverkeepers conducted more than 30 hours of aerial investigation, identifying flooded swine and poultry CAFOs for referral to State regulators, documenting the flooding of coal ash storage ponds and a failed levee at HF Lee and escorting local and national news reporters as they covered the devastation caused by our second 500 year flood in 17 years.

We are praying for all of those impacted by this devastating storm. Please stay safe!


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