Growing awareness: New Bern Garden Club meets Sound Rivers

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Posted on January 11th, 2024

Volunteer Coordinator Emily Fritz speaks to the New Bern Garden Club.

Volunteer Coordinator Emily Fritz is on a mission: to share Sound Rivers’ mission in the New Bern area. This week, members of the New Bern Garden Club got an insider’s view into the watershed and the work being done to protect it.

“It was really lovely talking with the New Bern Garden Club. They were so kind and welcoming,” Emily said. “They were very interested in Sound Rivers and the work we do. A lot of them had not heard of Sound Rivers before.”

Emily gave an overview of the work Sound Rivers does throughout the watershed, honing in on specific projects and programs in the New Bern area, such as the Duffyfield Canal trash trap (part of Sound Rivers’ Litter-Free Rivers program), Swim Guide (recreational water-quality testing) and Program Director Clay Barber’s projects at West Craven Middle School, West Craven High School and Epiphany School through our Campus Stormwater Program.

“They got very excited about rain gardens, and we talked about potential volunteer opportunities for planting and maintenance days,” Emily said. “I think a lot of them are interested in volunteering with us, so that’s a great start. We want to build a bigger community in New Bern, so it was great to talk with a bunch of folks who are very involved in everything going on in the area.”

Next week on Emily’s agenda: a presentation to a Forest School group at Cliffs of the Neuse Park in Seven Springs.

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