Breaking News: Industry backs away from Garbage Juice technology

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Posted on August 23rd, 2017

Breaking News

Yesterday, Republic Services, a leading waste management industry, issued a public statement  and pulled its support for waste aerosolization technology. Additionally, our Upper Neuse Riverkeeper learned that Charah, a company that specializes in coal ash landfills including the controversial Brickhaven site in Chatham county, also pulled their support for the technology in an email sent to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

The email noted:

“Charah does not plan to proceed with the field trial of the leachate evaporation system at Brickhaven at this time.  In the future, we may reconsider the use of this technology if it makes economic sense and does not impact neighbors and the environment.
Charah, therefore requests DEQ withdraw any activity regarding the review and approval of the trial request as noted. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.”

Your Upper Neuse Riverkeeper, Matthew Starr,  worked overtime in the General Assembly to defeat House Bill 576 that would have legalized this technology.  The bill, vetoed by the Governor, would allow the spraying of landfill wastewater and fluids into the air without a permit. Toxicologist experts weighed in and noted “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a leachate aeration basin. The downwind emissions would very likely contain a very wide range of toxic materials”

Sound Rivers worked to mobilize the public against this damaging bill lead directly to a veto by the Governor.

There is now no reason for the NC General Assembly to override the Governor’s veto.

It’s critical that you send a message to your legislator today and tell them to sustain the Governor’s veto of H576!

Find your legislator here:

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