Americorps position with Sound Rivers now open

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Posted on May 12th, 2022

Sound Rivers has an Americorps position open! Americorps is hiring a stormwater education coordinator to work with Sound Rivers from Sept. 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023. Learn about compensation and benefits, job responsibilities, qualifications, eligibility requirements and how to apply HERE.

Background about the new position:

Sound Rivers campus stormwater initiative is designed to work with K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and local governments to determine stormwater problems, complete site assessments, and develop a plan of recommendations for installation of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) as both a retrofit and for future development on public spaces. To date, we have completed 24 campus stormwater assessments and implemented 23 projects across the region. The program fosters relationships with each school or local government staff in order to problem-solve together. As projects are designed and implemented, Sound Rivers works with partners to identify educational and learning goals and actions.

The Stormwater Education Coordinator will direct education and outreach programming to increase public awareness of the impact of stormwater management as well as how green stormwater infrastructure can improve communities’ resilience to climate change.  In addition, the position will support increased environmental literacy and connection to the outdoors for students at participating campuses.  The member will work to ensure that educational events are accessible and relevant for low-income and minority community members and work with partners to translate all education and outreach materials into Spanish.

The position will develop or customize and deliver interactive lessons regarding stormwater, focusing on green stormwater infrastructure, to K-12 students, college students and adults. In addition, the member will support Sound Rivers online stormwater education content, working closely with Sound Rivers Communications Director.

Lastly, the position will be responsible for increasing hands-on activities such as planting and maintenance of constructed stormwater measures.

Find out more here!

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