A Message from Executive Director Heather Deck

Sound Rivers

Posted on November 5th, 2020

by Heather Deck, Executive Director

As I write this, the stakes of the election are weighing upon me. While we do not yet know the outcome, I do know the course Sound Rivers will chart going forward — regardless of who wins the election in North Carolina and nationally.

This is a time of anxiety and uncertainty, but regardless of the outcome I want to remind you that Sound Rivers will work with all to protect your waterways. We are not afraid of having tough conversations, of agreeing to disagree and, if need be as a last resort, to fight for public health or the public’s right to access clean water in the courts.

Now, more than ever, is the time to engage and reach out to those with whom we may or may not agree. Though discord is unsettling, I do believe it can be an opportunity to build new connections, to forge new relationships and, in the end, to create better policies, rules and laws that better protect our communities and the natural resources we all rely on for healthy lives.

Together we can build trust and break through the division, rhetoric, and disinformation that is creeping into everyday life. Your voices matter — greatly — and with your voice you can support Sound Rivers’ efforts to create effective policies that protect our water for fishing, drinking and swimming — and to protect for all. Our work relies on our collective efforts and you can support us by:
Inviting us into your houses of worship, civic and book clubs, and your classrooms to talk about current issues, concerns, and the science behind it all.
Voicing your support for clean water and for fighting climate change to local, state, and federal elected officials.
Join in conversations with your networks, families and colleagues.

We want you to know that something you can rely on is our work to protect your water. We’re here for you. We know this is a time of stress and worry, and we are keeping you – our clean water community – in our thoughts and hearts.

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