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Posted on July 21st, 2022

Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop met with members of the Youth Conservation Corps group at Walnut Creek wetlands center this week to talk about river magic, river issues and ways to get into to river jobs, then took the crew out to sample Walnut Creek for E. coli and microplastics.

A group survey after Sam’s presentation landed the Riverkeeper a 100% approval rating. Feedback shared from Corps leaders included:

“Very insightful and very cool job and demo;”

“Need a job from her ASAP!”

“She was organized and taught me a lot of new things about riverkeeping!!”

“Very interesting and informative;”

“I had SOOOOO much fun learning about our streams. You should have her teach a week-long course and have us volunteer for Sam;”

“Very informative and enthusiastic about her job and what she does. Also very helpful advice and question-answering;”
“Brought a lot of passion to things that are very closely related to our work and where we live;”

“Never knew a Riverkeeper was a job! Opens my eyes to more opportunities;”

“Awesome info about our rivers and her job. Great hands-on activities, too. She was super-kind and cool as well!”

“You’re a ROCK STAR, and I am so glad our river has you!”

If you’re interested in having one of Sound Rivers’ Riverkeepers speak to your group, email us at!


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