Sound Rivers represents the interests of thousands of members, as well as all those who live or visit this beautiful part of eastern North Carolina. We care about the future of our rivers, streams and waterways because they sustain humans and nature. Our communities have opportunities to thrive thanks to drinking water, fishing, swimming and other fun recreation activities.

Wildlife Resources Commission

Explore our state’s beautiful wildlife and map out the best boat ramp locations for your next trip. The Wildlife Resources Commission is a wonderful place to begin researching your next journey.

Tar-Pamlico Water Trail

Learn all about the hiking, campsites, camping platforms and other fun activities in North Carolina’s Tar-Pamlico basin. The Tar-Pamlico Water Trail is wealth of information. These camping platforms provide overnight facilities to recreational users on the river. Owned and operated by Sound Rivers, our goal is to build a continuous system of platforms approximately 8 to 15 miles apart spanning from the headwaters of the Tar River in Granville County to the wide open estuarine waters of the Pamlico River in Beaufort, Hyde, and Pamlico Counties.

The platforms are open to the public. You can choose to sleep under the stars or in a screened-in enclosure along the scenic Tar River in the central and eastern part of the state. Enjoy white water paddling in the  headwaters and sea kayaking along the Inner Banks.

Recreational paddlers, boaters, and fishermen are welcome to use the facilities year-round, though use is by permit only. All you need to do is reserve your spot.

Mountain-to-Sea Trail Guide

Explore how the Mountain-to-Sea Trail intersects with the Neuse River. Use these links to plan your next hiking adventure along our favorite rivers. The Mountain-to-Sea Trial Guide is a great resource, or you can also enjoy our convenient paddle map of the Neuse.