Pamlico River Patrol Report


Posted on August 3rd, 2016

Bath Creek
Water conditions in Bath Creek have improved.

Water quality conditions in the Pamlico River and its tributaries appear to be improving. On July 22nd, Sound Rivers staff noted extensive algal blooms in numerous creeks and along parts of the Pamlico River. In addition, swimming advisories were issued for Goose Creek (near Dinah’s Landing) and Pantego Creek due to high levels of bacteria.  Those swimming advisories have since been lifted.

Sampling results today indicated that the algal bloom in Bath Creek has subsided. Some creeks and portions of the Pamlico River still show signs of algal blooms, but conditions have improved over the last two weeks. Several reports of small fish kills have surfaced since late last week, but no dead or dying fish were found today.

River and Creek Conditions:

  • Bath Creek looks healthy; bait fish noted between the bridge and the River
  • Back Creek has improved, but some level of algal bloom activity persists
  • Fish kills were reported in Durham Creek over the weekend. Durham creek below the bridge had good water quality today
  • Pamlico River just east of Camp Leach to Blounts Bay showed no signs of algal bloom
  • Blounts Creek and Blounts Bay have good water quality currently
  • Goose Creek swim beach bacteria samples taken by the state look good! 
  • Goose Creek (the actual creek along Dinah’s landing) still showing signs of ongoing algal bloom and could possibly irritate a person’s skin  or affect dogs. If you swim, ski or jet ski in these waters, be sure to bathe with clean water after
  • Broad Creek, just upstream of the Country Club Marina, showed signs of an algal bloom
  • Chocowinity Bay showing signs of an algal bloom, but not extensive. Some rotting fish tissue was noted (and smelled !) just west of the Cypress Landing Marina.
  • The Pamlico River along Whichards Beach up to Washington Park showing signs of an algal bloom, but water did not appear green in color.

** River conditions can change daily. It is best to continue to follow the advice of state and local health officials regarding swimming in natural waterways. For more info, visit:

Fishing Report

Below are water conditions for the Pamlico River region for August 3, 2016. All samples were taken between 10:00 and 13:30.

Site Name

Oxygen % Saturation Surface Water Temperature (°C) Salinity (parts per thousand)


Bath Creek, Upper

60% 29.7 3.22 7.99

Back Creek, near Quarter Deck

114% 29.6 4.79 8.56
Durham Creek- below bridge 73% NA 6.06


Pamlico River near Camp Leach

106% NA 6.23 8.31
Blounts Creek by WRC Ramp 103% 30.0 4.33


Blounts Bay, Channel Marker 2

88.4% NA 5.67


Goose Creek, Upper 141% NA 4.16


Broad Creek, near Country Club Marina

157% NA 3.25


Chocowinity Bay near Marina

132% NA 3.84 8.48

Pamlico River- Whichards Beach area

146% NA 2.34


Pamlico River- Wash. Park 132% NA 1.48


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