N.C. State, Sound Rivers partner for Little Rock Creek Study

Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop (left) met with N.C. State’s Dr. Angela Allen (right) at Little Rock Creek in Raleigh last week.

Neuse Riverkeeper Samantha Krop has teamed up with N.C. State University and the Walnut Creek Wetlands Center to study the health of Little Rock Creek in Raleigh.

The team includes Dr. Angela Allen, Director of Environmental Technology and Management for N.C. State’s College of Natural Resources, her students and volunteers from the neighborhood surrounding Walnut Creek, an area with a long history of working for environmental justice.

Denise Spaugh is a member of the team of volunteers who will be collecting samples from the creek.

Little Rock Creek drains the southern part of Raleigh.

“We received a grant to do sampling of a place where (the city) is doing sewage line repairs, so we’re really going to find out whether those repairs will improve water quality,” Sam said.

While Dr. Allen’s students and neighborhood volunteers will be do the sampling, the testing of the samples for the presence of E. coli will be split between Sam and the students. They will also be measuring turbidity (the amount of sedimentation) in the creek.

Last week, Sam met with the group to introduce them to sampling for both.

The team will collaborate on a report that will be released in February.

Jada West, a student of Dr. Allen’s at N.C. State, takes a turn at collecting water samples.