Lower Neuse Riverkeeper: Contentnea Creek CAFO a threat

Environmental, Sound Rivers

Posted on December 23rd, 2021

Contentnea Creek (in the lower portion of the photo) is just yards away from one of the larger hog waste lagoons on the property (upper right).

An industrial hog facility had Lower Neuse Riverkeeper Katy Hunt reaching out to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality this week about the facility’s multiple violations and the threat it poses to Contentnea Creek.

The Moye facility is located on the creek in Greene County and has a long history of failing to maintain its waste management system. It also has a history of flooding — the facility was inundated during hurricanes Floyd and Matthew. The two issues together potentially spell disaster for the waterway that’s only a matter of yards away from hog waste lagoons.

Hunt said the facility has not been operating at full capacity for several years, and has received multiple violations, several of which occurred this year. She said reaching out to DEQ is the first step in eliminating the threat to Contentnea Creek, and the Neuse River.

Ponding on sprayfields flouts state regulations — the issue was first noticed during a July flyover and continues, as shown in this photo taken last week.

“We are sending a letter to DEQ to outline our concerns about this facility about its multiple violations and its location and how prone it is to flooding,” Hunt said. “The entire facility is a threat. It’s basically got a target on its back for future flooding events. There is also some concern about the integrity about the lagoons because of its history of flooding.”

One of the Moye Facility’s larger lagoons is contained by a bare, sandy berm, as opposed to properly vegetated berms. Lack of vegetation on the berm can lead to instability and potential breaches.

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