Hurricane Florence by the Numbers

Education, Environmental

Posted on November 1st, 2018

The Neuse River has risen past its banks and inundated the utility corridor at the HF Lee Plant in Goldsboro.

Snapshot of Environmental & Community Impacts of Hurricane Florence

• $17 billion in estimated damages
• 750,000 evacuated
• 35.93 inches of rain in Elizabethtown- new NC record
• 86 inches of rain in 2018 for Wilmington, breaking an 1877 record for annual rainfall
• 25.8 ft – Third highest crest recorded on Neuse River at Kinston
• 61.4 ft- Cape Fear River crest at Fayetteville- new record
• Millions of gallons of sewage spilled from municipal sites across eastern NC
• 6 hog waste pits that breached, spilling waste and sludge
• 32 hog waste pits flooded, spilling liquid waste
• 9 additional waste pits flooded, unclear if waste spilled
• 5,500 hogs killed- reported by hog industry
• 3.4 million poultry killed – reported by poultry industry
• 62 hog facilities located in 100 year floodplain in NC
• 186 mirograms/liter of arsenic – Found in Neuse River floodwaters near coal ash spill site. 18 times higher than safe drinking water standard

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