Clean-out, then clean up for Jack's Creek

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Posted on February 16th, 2023

Volunteer Betty Eschenbach scours the bank of Jack’s Creek for trash on Wednesday.

A small army of Washington volunteers are keeping Jack’s Creek clean.

On Wednesday, Sound Rivers volunteers Bill and Sara Hanafin, Sound Rivers’ board member Betsy Hester, Betty Eschenbach, Karl Crozier, Christina Marshen, Amanda Laughlin, Dawn Dolson, Cathy Bell and Jeffrey Barker joined Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper Jill Howell at the Trash Trout off of Market Street in Washington for, first, a clean-out, then a clean-up.

For the clean-out, 38 pounds of trash were removed from the Trash Trout. Staff has shifted to weighing the results, as opposed to the counting of individual types of trash done previously.

Jeffrey Barker, a Sound Rivers volunteer, picks of litter from the ankle-deep water of Jack’s Creek.

For the Jack’s Creek clean-up, the group started at Respess Street, a block west of the Trash Trout, and continued down to the public dog park at East Fourth and North Brown streets, scouring the creek itself and its banks for litter. Another 234 pounds of trash were collected during the clean-up.

“We pulled out lots of balls that were clearly thrown for doggies. Folks need to be careful about that. Also, there was an abundance of Styrofoam and plastics — bags, cups, straws, cigar tips. We also collected steering wheel covers, construction materials and commercial signs,” Betsy Hester said. “We’re so grateful for all the help. It makes a clean-up so much easier.”

In all, 272 pounds of trash removed from this tributary of the Pamlico River by some dedicated volunteers.

Thank you, all!

Christina Marshen tosses trash from the creek onto the bank during Wednesday’s clean-up.

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