A Holiday Message from Sound Rivers’ Director

As I reflect over the past decade, I know that Sound Rivers is in the best position it can be to take on the serious challenges ahead. That has been made possible because of you, our members and supporters. Your gifts, your action, and your willingness to engage and educate your communities on tough issues makes me hopeful we can be successful in our mission for a clean water future. 

One of the most important jobs our Riverkeepers do is to serve as a resource to local communities faced with the threat of a harmful project, a negligent government, or a polluting industry. Everyone deserves clean water; everyone. No person, industry, or government has the right to take that away. With you, through your financial gifts, your action, and your voice, we will continue to work toward a healthy future. 

At Sound Rivers, we have big goals and we need your support to reach them. With your gifts, we will:

  • Protect and defend clean water laws 
  • Promote and implement green stormwater infrastructure in our communities
  • Promote the environmental, economic, and cultural assets of the rivers 
  • Increase public access to our waterways
  • Educate the public and decision makers to create positive change

With you, Sound Rivers has become a powerful and respected voice in the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico River region. We thank you and look forward to working with you and for you to face the challenges ahead. 

May you all have the happiest of holidays!

Heather Deck