The new year comes with new goals

Environmental, Sound Rivers

Posted on January 7th, 2021

Your financial support is critical to helping us work for your clean water. So, what do we plan to do with that support in 2021? Here’s a start:

  • We’re going to build a diverse coalition of partners and create a path forward to correct years of nutrient pollution plaguing our rivers, causing disastrous fish kills in our estuaries.
  • We’re going to fight back those Clean Water Act rollbacks, and we’re taking the legal route, having joined a lawsuit to protect your waterways.
  • Sound Rivers will be expanding water quality monitoring through our successful Swim Guide and beyond, including starting year-round testing for bacteria and plastics pollution in certain locations, as well as continue our outreach partnership with Public Radio East.
  • We’ll be advocating for change to North Carolina’s outdated sewer spill notification system and the infrastructure issues that have allowed sewer spills to continue in some locations for years, such as in Havelock.
  • We’re going to stop pollution from stormwater runoff in your waterways through our Campus Stormwater Program, as we partner with schools throughout eastern North Carolina, providing solutions for stormwater and giving students outdoor educational opportunities.
  • We’re taking on climate change: growing support for effective policies to combat it and its effects — extreme rainfall events and flooding — by empowering local communities with tools, training and access to information.
  • Provide access to your waterways through ADA accessible kayak launches, such as those being constructed in Washington and Greenville, and through other partnerships with towns, cities and counties across the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico River basins.
  • And, as always, Sound Rivers will continue to be a valuable and accessible resource for local communities concerned about pollution and your waterways!

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