Take Action: North Carolina Rolling Back Nutrient Rules To Benefit Polluters

The Pamlico and Neuse estuaries have a problem. For decades, an excess of nutrient pollution has been dumped into our rivers from sewage treatment plants and polluted stormwater runoff, causing harmful algal blooms, fish kills and poor drinking water quality. Rules in place since the 90’s have sought to reduce the nutrients that are causing harm to our river and estuary systems, and while some progress has been made, science shows that the problem continues to grow.

Those rules are up for renewal right now, and North Carolina is actually seeking to go backwards by reducing a number of key provisions. Your voice is needed to strengthen them instead!

The Environmental Management Commission, NC’s environmental rulemaking body, is proposing significant rule changes that would increase nutrient pollution problems all while making it cheaper and easier for new development, sewage treatment plants, and industrial discharges to harm our waterways. Even though the package of rules would, for the first time, note that current protections are not working, the proposed rule changes include provisions that would allow the state years before they implement much needed improvements. It seems that the public’s right to clean water and healthy ecosystems, is yet again, under attack.

Please send a letter to the NC Department of Environmental Quality urging the Agency and the Commission to enact rules to restore our waterways now rather than allow them to degrade further.