Take Action: Demand clean technology by hog industry

Industry giants, Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods, want to ignore longtime promises to adopt clean technology to protect communities from the harmful impacts of industrial swine operations. Instead, they plan to capture, transport and sell methane produced by hog waste at 19 concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) through what is called a “directed biogas” project. This project – which includes 30+ miles of gas pipelines and a gas processing facility – will pollute our rivers, streams, and air and will have a disproportionate impacts on low-income communities and communities of color, which are exposed to pollution from industrial hog operations, landfills, and other polluting industries at higher rates. This project is located in Duplin and Sampson counties, but Dominion and Smithfield have plans for expansion; and we have concerns that future projects could impact the Tar-Pamlico and Neuse River watersheds.

In order to complete this project, Smithfield and Dominion need a permit from the Department of Air Quality within NC DEQ and that’s why we need your help.

Our friends at the North Carolina Conservation Network developed a petition telling the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to deny a draft permit that would allow industrial hog operations to put pollution and profits over people. The petition asks DEQ to deny the draft permit for the industry’s biogas project and to take steps to ensure future permits are transparent, embrace cleaner technologies, and consider the other pollution burdens affected communities already carry. 

Sign it here: https://action.ncconservationnetwork.org/page/23379/action/1

There will also be a virtual public hearing on this project on November 16 at 6 pm – members of the public can sign up to speak up and voice their concerns over this project. Click here for details on the hearing.