Our waterways sustain us with drinking water and offer recreational activities such as canoeing and fishing. They also serve as a way to convene with nature as a cherished respite from our go-go everyday work life. Help us protect our state’s most precious resources by donating to Sound Rivers for our advocacy efforts, to investigate polluters and to help clean-up the rivers.


Working to Restore Nature’s Balance

When an ecosystem is thrown out of balance, as shown in the photo above, our rivers and those who use them suffer. For the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico Rivers, an over abundance of nutrient, sediment and bacteria pollution has wreaked havoc on the natural balance, especially in our estuarine waters. Summer time algal blooms are becoming more frequent as our climate continues to warm.

Our waterways sustain life, supplying communities with drinking water, recreational activity, fishing and agricultural use. In order for today and tomorrow’s generations to thrive, Sound Rivers works on projects to restore our rivers’ natural balance. We also champion real-world teaching moments with hands-on activities that help to improve our local environments and communities.

Landscaping for Clean Water

Sound Rivers main restoration focus is on restoring clean water and productive aquatic habitats by limiting the impact of existing development. For too long, our region built roads, buildings, and industries without consideration of the massive increase of stormwater pollution that was created. We are working to correct those past injuries to our local waterways. Learn more about our efforts for communities to “Landscape for Clean Water.”