Sound Rivers Staff

Eloise MacLean

Water-quality Intern

Eloise MacLean is a native of Pittsboro, North Carolina and is a rising senior at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, majoring in environmental science with minors in GIS and Hispanic studies.

Eloise plans to pursue a career in environmental consulting with a focus on plant science.

“When I entered college, I not only did not intend to study environmental science, but I actually had no intention of studying any sort of science, at all — I wanted to major in something humanities-related! However, as I began to take classes and cultivate new hobbies in an environment where I had so many more choices than I did in high school, it quickly became apparent to me that the outdoors — and being curious about the outdoors! — was something I derive immense joy from,” Eloise said. “As human animals, we all individually have intrinsic love and appreciation for our planet. It ultimately just made sense to me to pursue a career in service of our awesome planet, for all that she does for us. Not only does studying environmental science make me happy, it feels good to study and honor something I believe deserves so much respect and protection from us, and needs to be advocated for. My generation has to be the one to make significant changes in the way we treat our environment, and I just hope to contribute to that endeavor and its momentum.”

Eloise is working out of Sound Rivers’ Raleigh office.



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