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  • Sound Rivers partners with Cycle NC

    We Need: Housing for Cycle North Carolina Participants You Get: A great way to benefit Sound Rivers and our community! Sound Rivers has been given a unique opportunity to partner with Cycle NC to provide local housing for participants in the Cycle North Carolina 15th Annual Coastal Ride. Cycle NC

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  • Fishing for Facts

    Fishing for Facts – January 12, 2018 Playing Politics with Environmental and Community Health In the first special legislative session of the North Carolina General Assembly in 2018, we were met with a familiar feeling of uncertainty and dismay. The House, acting on recommendations from its Committee on River Water

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  • Court rules to vacate mine permit- Protecting Blounts Creek

    Breaking News: Blounts Creek Saved from Flooding with Mine Wastewater by Court Order North Carolina Court Vacates State Permit A state court late last week vacated a state permit that would have allowed a proposed Martin Marietta mine to discharge millions of gallons of wastewater a day into a popular

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  • Milburnie Dam Removal

    by Matthew Starr This year is a milestone for the Neuse River. For the first time in over 100 years the Neuse River is free flowing for its more than  200 mile journey to the Pamlico Sound. The Milburnie Dam, which sits on the Neuse just outside of Raleigh, has

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  • Upper Tar River Facts and Figures

    The Tar-Pamlico River has two ecologically distinct regions within the same river, the “Upper Tar” and “Lower Tar-Pamlico”. That dividing line is near Washington, NC where the river transitions from freshwater to brackish water and subsequently changes names from the Tar River to the Pamlico River. This 180 mile river

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