EPA Seeks To Undermine Clean Water – Demand They Reconsider

The EPA has released a massive proposed rollback to rules which define where the Clean Water Act applies; a law that has been protecting our right to swim, drink, and fish in clean water water since 1972.

This is the biggest threat to clean water we’ve seen in decades and your voice is important! We’ve asked you before to urge North Carolina’s Governor to fight for your clean water and oppose this rule. Now it’s time to let the EPA know that clean water is too important to waste.

The proposed rollbacks would gut existing protections for smaller streams, and dramatically chop protections for wetlands we rely on to naturally filter out pollution and provide a buffer from flooding. In the wake of devastating flooding, the impacts of which many residents are still feeling, any proposal that would create more harm to our communities must be stopped.

If the EPA succeeds in its effort to undermine the Clean Water Act and the environment the agency is charged with protecting, as much as 49,000 miles of North Carolina streams and millions of acres of wetlands would be subject to unregulated pollution discharges and even wholesale destruction. The threat from this proposal to our drinking water, valuable wetland ecosystems, and fisheries can not be overstated.

Urge the EPA to reconsider this dangerous proposal and keep the Clean Water Act strong in order to protect the health of communities throughout North Carolina, and the rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters we love here.

For more information about this issue including other ways that you can take action, visit our page focused on the Clean Water Act Waters of the United States rule.