Biggest threat to your waterways, revealed

Sound Rivers

Posted on July 23rd, 2020

The biggest threat to your waterways isn’t what you might think…

I’m often asked, “what is the number one threat to my river?” This question is about pollution – which threat should we be most concerned by? And my answer can and does vary depending on the specific waterway and the specific region. But one threat that is the same across the board is this: inaction. 

The biggest threat to your waterways is if they go unprotected. There are many types of pollution threats that would harm your waterways, and your health, but we alongside our partners are working to stop them. And your support of our work ensures that the number one threat to your waterways is a non-issue. Because your gifts mean we will always be taking action for your rivers. 

This spring we saw an incredible win – the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline – and even more challenges, like the rollbacks to two bedrock environmental laws; the Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. These weakening changes are broad and will impact all our communities and waterways; unless we fight back together. 

Your support means we can keep working to block these threats. We’ve joined a legal challenge to the Clean Water Act rollbacks and continue to advocate for stronger statewide protections for your rivers. We are keeping you informed about your water quality through our Summer Swim Guide program, and investigating when that testing comes back with concerning results.

Your gifts make all of this work possible – without you, Sound Rivers simply would not be equipped to ensure your rivers, lakes, and streams remain clean. And that would be the biggest threat to your waterways.

I hope that you’ll join our summer campaign by making a monthly pledge – of any amount! Every new sustaining pledge gets us closer to a special $1,000 challenge gift. Click here to learn more and donate. Thank you for all you do to protect your water! 

-Heather Deck, Sound Rivers Executive Director 

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