Action Alert: Urge NC To Update Clean Water Protections

Our streams, lakes, rivers, and sounds are a major part of what makes North Carolina a special place to live, and right now is an important time to make sure that our waters are properly protected. Please send a letter by July 31st supporting strong standards to protect your right to swim, fish, and get your drinking water safely from North Carolina’s waterways.

The Clean Water Act protects waterways throughout the country; how North Carolina implements those protections is currently up for revision. The opportunity to update water quality standards only comes around once every 3 years, and North Carolina is lagging far behind in addressing a number of pollutants.

These standards control the amount of various types pollution, including toxic heavy metals and pesticides, that can be dumped into our public waterways. Based on these standards, limits on the discharges from factories, industrial animal production facilities, and other sources are controlled to move towards levels healthy for your waterways and for North Carolinians.

Take Action: Send a letter today urging the Environmental Management Commission to adopt strong standards using up-to-date science to protect and restore clean water.