Action Alert: Tell Gov. Cooper to VETO H467

Make your voice heard! House Bill 467 has passed the NC State Legislature, and is now on Governor Cooper’s desk. Please contact Governor Cooper’s office and respectfully ask that he veto H467, which puts the profits of polluting hog operations ahead of the health of nearby communities.


We sent an Action Alert about H467 when it was up for a vote – and it’s still a harmful bill. H467 prevents those who live near industrial agricultural facilities from recovering more than token damages in civil lawsuits where a farm’s corporate owner is found responsible for harming them.


North Carolina homeowners will have reduced legal remedies when their property value, health, and quality of life are diminished from pollution caused by industrial agricultural facilities. This bill will primarily harm residents in low-income areas and communities of color.


You can read more about H467 here


Governor Cooper’s office telephone is (919) 814-2000 – please call today!