Action Alert! Tell EPA to repeal the Dirty Water Rule!

In April 2020, under the previous administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a new rule eliminating federal oversight for millions of acres of wetlands and small streams. 

The Dirty Water Rule is wreaking havoc on our North Carolina wetlands and waters and is threatening the health of families, communities and businesses that rely on clean, safe water and protection from flooding. In North Carolina alone, the weakening of the Clean Water Act has left more than a million acres of North Carolina’s wetlands at risk. North Carolina has already lost more than 50% of our wetlands, and those that remain are vital for absorbing stormwater and preventing flooding downstream, among the many other benefits they provide. 

We need the EPA to take immediate action to repeal the Dirty Water Rule. Fortunately, we have a key opportunity to send that message RIGHT NOW!

The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers recently announced their plans to begin the process of revising the Dirty Water Rule, the most severe attack on the Clean Water Act in history. They are hosting a series of listening sessions and asking for written comments to get our feedback.

Please send a letter today asking for the quick repeal of this harmful rule and to restore protections to North Carolina’s wetlands and waters.

(Above photo by Charles Thrasher)