Action Alert: Sustain Governor Cooper’s Veto and Stop Eminent Domain to Oil Companies

This week, Governor Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 16. Senate Bill 16 was passed by the legislature during the early August “Special Session.”  The bill deletes just four words from an existing North Carolina law, “originating in North Carolina”. Deleting these four words will give oil pipelines eminent domain authority in our state for pipelines that originate outside of North Carolina.

Your Upper Neuse Riverkeeper said in a media statement, ” Gov. Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 16 is a victory for clean water and property rights. If SB16 became law, it would open the door for oil companies using eminent domain to build dangerous pipelines through the back yards of families across the state, and it would make it more difficult for communities to hold local landfills accountable for poor practices.”

This is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Oil pipelines are almost exclusively state regulated, unlike gas pipelines, which will make the likelihood of an oil pipeline coming to North Carolina and impacting our water supplies much greater.
  2. This is just another example, like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, where big industry’s profits come before citizen property rights.

Call your Legislators Today!

Please call your senators and representatives and ask them to sustain the veto. North Carolina can not afford to add to the growing list of threats to our rivers and critical water supplies. Tell them that you do not want to see an oil pipeline in North Carolina.

Find your legislator here: