Jug-Oar-Knot 2016

We invite you to participate in our 3nd annual Jug-oar-knot charity event to benefit Sound Rivers, jug oar knotpart of the Falls Lake Festival. 

This event will take place at the Falls Lake Dam.

Race Details:

Jug run: Each four person team starts out with 10 empty one-gallon jugs in their canoe. The goal is to have all jugs filled with water. One at a time, the jugs will need to be taken to the water, filled, and returned to the canoe. Once all jugs have been filled and are in the canoe, the canoe will be carried to the water by all four team members.

Once on the water, two team members will need to complete the 1st mapped 2 mile loop. As you navigate the route volunteers at designated checkpoints will hand out items to verify you passed that location. When the first loop is complete the next two members complete the 2nd loop and head back to where the canoe was launched. All four team members will then carry the canoe back to the start/finish line.

For more details, please visit the Facebook Event Page

jug oar knot