Jug-Oar-Knot Relay Races

The unique and challenging Jug-Oar-Knot relay race on Falls Lake offers four person teams a chance to win bragging rights for a year.  The competition is divided into two parts, a Jug Run and The Paddle.  To register for the event, click here.

Jug Run: Each four person team starts with 10 empty one-gallon jugs in their canoe.  One at a time, the jugs must be taken from the start/finish line to the lake, filled with water, and returned to the canoe. Once all jugs are filled and in the canoe, the canoe is carried to the water by all four team members.

The Paddle: Two team members complete the first lap of a mapped 2 mile loop. When the first lap is complete, the second two team members complete a 2nd lap of the same loop. All four team members then carry the canoe back to the start/finish line.

To add to the fun, just prior to the start of the race, an auction allows teams to buy a chance to reduce the number of jugs in their canoe, and/or add a jug to a competitor’s canoe.  Since jugs weigh 8.3 pounds each, and take about a minute to fill with water, a chance to reduce jugs (or increase your competitors jugs) is worth taking!

Canoes, paddles, and life vests are provided courtesy of Paddle Creek so all you need is three friends and enthusiasm. All money raised from the event supports clean water through the programs of Sound Rivers, including the Upper Neuse Riverkeeper who is based in Raleigh.  The team registration fee is only $40, $10/person.


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